Artemide Group

Design, Innovation & Made in Italy

Artemide Group is a world leader in the high-end residential and professional lighting sector.

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, President and CEO, the Artemide Group is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through 24 controlled and related companies and a distribution network that includes almost 60 single-brand showrooms in major cities all around the world. The Artemide products are distributed in 83 different Countries.

With 5 manufacturing plants in Italy, France, Hungary, and the US, 2 glassworks, and 2 R&D facilities in Italy and in France, the Group currently employs about 700 units, including 59 involved in R&D activities, thus confirming the primary role of innovation as a key factor for the Group’s success.

The high design contents, the high level of technological innovation, products conceived according to personal needs, as well as constant investments in marketing and communication are the key factors that allowed Artemide to develop into one of the best known and most prestigious lighting equipment brands in the world.

Known for its philosophy “The Human Light”, that places man and the pursuit of his well-being at the core of the conception and design of its products, Artemide has always been a synonym for Design, Innovation and Made in Italy.

Pirce Artemide

Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide Pirce Artemide
Designer Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà
Materials: Painted aluminium.
Specification: Opening out of a slim disk are fluttering spirals, which fall gently downwards, creating magical effects of form and light.

Ameluna Artemide

Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide Ameluna Artemide
Artemide and Mercedes-Benz are famous for the exclusivity of their design and the creation of icons. Two international leaders in their respective fi elds enter into partnership to design new synergies. The design of Artemide and Mercedes-Benz has been traditionally human centered, focused on human beings, their experience and interaction. Through high manufacturing quality and a great innovative vision the design, founded on ethical and sustainable values, is capable to shape beautiful enduring products. An impressive and unexpected outcome embodies the light competence of Artemide combined with the distinctive trait of Mercedes-Benz Style on forms and material. Ameluna is a combination of Artemide, Mercedes-Benz and luna, the Italian word for moon. It is a story that goes beyond the object itself. Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence. Through a transparent form and a dynamic light, it creates a countless number of scenarios. The interaction between pure forms and asymmetric volume triggers a dynamic and deeply emotional tension.Ameluna discloses an innovative optoelectronic system integrated in the transparent frame. An aluminium band, a patent of innovation, which is welded with the optics, supports the led strip. The latter is also hidden behind the lower profile, in order to maintain the purity of the form. The transparent body allows the light to be both direct and partially refracted. A countless number of chromatic atmospheres can be created with the use of an innovative RGBW spot. With the simple use of a dedicated app, Ameluna can memorize the lighting experience in the new Mercedes E-Class “Masterpiece of intelligence” and replicate the same atmosphere in any other space. The ability to entertain digital dialogue with its surroundings and its optoelectronic innovation are only part of the high-tech competence of Ameluna. The high-tech competence of Ameluna, is conveyed by both optoelectronic innovation and IOT interaction. Every interior, be it a car or a personal or public space, can be part of the Internet of Things. This can enable the light to follow human experiences and scenarios. A new project frontier where light creates both experience and interaction.

Mesmeri Artemide

Mesmeri Artemide Mesmeri Artemide Mesmeri Artemide Mesmeri Artemide
Designer Eric Solé
Eric Solé’s interest in lighting design combines his interest in new materials with the beauty of light and illumination. Organic shapes and natural objects inspired the undulating curves of the Mesmeri. When lit, Solé hopes Mesmeri will remind us of the ‘magic’ of light in illuminating rooms and bringing comfort to dark spaces.

Copernico Artemide

Copernico Artemide Copernico Artemide Copernico Artemide Copernico Artemide
Designer Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Paolo Dell'Elce
Copernico is obtained from a single laser-cut sheet of anodised aluminium; when off the device appears completely flat. The articulation with copper contacts (patent pending) allows the power supply to pass between the concentric ellipses that make up the structure, and enables these to be rotated independently over 360°. The mobility of the elements and the low voltage LED light sources allow users to configure the light in space by clasping and physically moving the object, modulating emission according to need.

Tolomeo Artemide

Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide Tolomeo Artemide
Designer Michele De Lucchi e Giancarlo Fassina.
The Tizio and Tolomeo are among the products that have helped make the company famous and have become icons of design lamps. Designed in 1986 arm lamp Tolomeo has been realized in different models, all characterized by an innovative suspension mechanism that represent an evolution of the traditional springs already used on lamps arm.

Mercury Artemide

Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide Mercury Artemide
Designer Ross Lovegrove
Lamp available in the suspension and ceiling versions. A ceiling fixture that places a floating assembly of large pebbles below a simple modern aluminium disc. These in turn reflect each other bouncing light between their taught bio - morphic surfaces and reflecting the environment around them. During the day the piece acts as a sculptural object reflecting the dynamics of natural light and the movement of people around them. Die-cast aluminium lighting units; reflective units made of injection-moulded thermoplastic material with metallic finish; die-cast aluminium reflector.

Nur Artemide

Nur Artemide Nur Artemide Nur Artemide Nur Artemide Nur Artemide
Designer Ernesto Gismondi
Bell-shaped elongated and important presence, Nur pendant lamp is presented in the version Gloss. A new perfectly smooth and shiny finish gives elegance and prestige to the classic model of Artemis, expanding the range of variants of the series. To choose from in glossy black or glossy white two colors, it is available in different light output mode for a specific light quality: with reflector halogen, fluorescent and metal halide. All versions are equipped with a diffuser disc of thermoplastic material placed at the bottom and controls managed by a control unit remotely. The lamp body is made of painted aluminum, the upper cap in borosilicate transparent glass. The bright and reflective effect of the dome makes it an item from the formal surrender evocative, well-suited to contemporary.

Mimesi Artemide

Mimesi Artemide Mimesi Artemide
Designer Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Light, architectural space and natural landscape are the main elements of this project, based on principles of reduction of energy and materials. Through the dematerialization of volumes and mimetic transparency, and thanks to a slim recycled aluminium structure and methacrylate body, Mimesi does not hinder the vision, but silently integrates with the surrounding environment. When turned on it becomes a central element in the staging of people’s lives, highlighting luminous writing on the cortex of the light. An indirect 40 W LED light source and a diffuse one guarantee double light emission and two different colour temperatures.The combination of the controlling circuit and innovative LED technology results in a reduced need for maintaince.

IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide

IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide IN-El Issey Miyake Artemide
Designer Issey Miyake
"IN-EI" - Japanese for "shadow, shadiness, nuance". The art of lighting has a conceptual and technological heritage at the Miyake Design Studio, dating back to 2010, when Issey Miyake and his research and development team called Reality Lab., presented 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE.  This new process was developed using a mathematical program with 3-D geometric principals by Jun Mitani. 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE is an extremely ingenious way by which to make clothing, and a process that provides yet another example of directions the quest for innovative textiles technologies can take. The project comes from the intersection of creativity and mathematics, resulting in clothing that can be folded flat and become 3D shapes, starting from a single piece of cloth.  As the Reality Lab. explored 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE’s potential in areas beyond clothing, a natural extension of the process was lighting products. IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE was born from a collaboration with Artemide marrying their lighting expertise with the Lab.’s innovative approach to the material and design. The IN-EI ISSEY MIYAKE lighting collection was co-developed and manufactured by Artemide. It is a collection of free-standing, table and hanging lights. Each lampshade is created using 2 or 3D mathematic principals, where light and shade harmoniously alternate. Miyake’s unique folding technology creates both statuesque forms as well as sufficient solidity. The structure of the recycled material, together with an additional surface treatment allows these shades to perfectly keep their shape without the need for internal frame, and to be re-shaped when needed. They can be easily stored flat when not in use.

Surf Artemide

Surf Artemide Surf Artemide Surf Artemide Surf Artemide
Designer Neil Poulton
His name says all: the Surf wall of Artemide resembles, with its slightly curved form, a small surfboard and is an elegant decorative object.

From its original form, the Artemide Surf wall ensures pleasant general lighting. The bulb used is located inside the curvature of the lamp body and is covered by a protection glass. Wall lamp projects a beam of light very harmonious on the wall, where the light is reflected and distributed soft and uniform throughout the room.

Cadmo Artemide

Cadmo Artemide Cadmo Artemide Cadmo Artemide
Designer Karim Rashid
Wall lamp, extending the range of Cadmo series. Material: body lamp in injection-moulded thermoplastic material; reflector in optic aluminium.

Cosmic Leaf Artemide

Cosmic Leaf Artemide Cosmic Leaf Artemide Cosmic Leaf Artemide
Designer Ross Lovegrove
"It appears as a digital leaf from another World, embedded with scales like a reptile or an insect which gather light and shadow on its body to seduce a mate." Materials: chromed steel structure; body lamp-diffuser in transparent methacrylate with texture; painted metal lighting unit.

Talo Artemide

Talo Artemide Talo Artemide Talo Artemide
Designer Neil Poulton
Body aluminum painted. Applique with refined and focused line. Suits perfectly in all environments of the house and gives a double light emission: upwards and downwards.

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