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This page is dedicated to the special editions or limited editions of the most iconic products of Italian and international design.

Panton Chair Summer green Vitra

Panton Chair Summer green Vitra Panton Chair Summer green Vitra Panton Chair Summer green Vitra
The Panton Chair, designed by Verner Panton and developed by Vitra, is a classic in the history of furniture design. Vitra writes the history of your home ... and your outdoor spaces. In the spring we all feel like a touch of color, waiting for nature shoots and the sun warms our faces. Vitra celebrates this special time of year with an exceptional Special Edition of the Panton Chair: the “Panton Chair summer green”. With this new special color you have the opportunity to create a unique and exceptional environments.

Egg Fritz Hansen

Egg Fritz Hansen
The inspiration for this Egg™ derives from Arne Jacobsen's use of classic bluish colour tones - prominent both in Arne Jacobsen's diverse colour scale and in the world-renowned Room 606 at the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The indigo blue fabric is part of the Canvas series by Kvadrat, and has been chosen to celebrate and revisit Arne Jacobsen's thoughts on artistically coloured furniture. To highlight the craftsmanship and the 1200 hand-sewn stitches that goes into the making of each Egg™, it is equipped with a dark brown leather piping. The idea is to emphasise the iconic, organic lines of Arne Jacobsen's design. To suit the grey undertones of the fabric, and make the overall appearance of the chair less formal, the base has been made in a burnished look. To maintain its exclusivity, only 999 Egg chairs have been produced.  The chair comes with a footstool as well.

Fabric: Canvas 794, Colour: Dark blue
Leather: Elegance, Colour: Dark brown

LC4 Villa Church Le Corbusier Cassina

LC4 Villa Church Le Corbusier Cassina LC4 Villa Church Le Corbusier Cassina LC4 Villa Church Le Corbusier Cassina
Chaise-longue with bicolour structure, steel cross bar with the drop section in light blue and four support bars in basalt grey. The mattress pad is in grey cowhide, sourced from Gascon cattle. The polyester padded headrest is in grey leather. This model was first created in 1928 for the Villa Church in Ville-d’Avray. The distinctive features of this version are the tear-shaped cross section, the blue colour of the tube frame, the basalt colour of the four support elements and the light grey spotted horsehide mattress.

Series 7 Fritz Hansen

Series 7 Fritz Hansen Series 7 Fritz Hansen Series 7 Fritz Hansen
More than any other designer, Arne Jacobsen pioneered the concept of Nordic simplicity. And his stackable Series 7™ chair earned Arne Jacobsen and Republic of Fritz Hansen a prominent place in design history. In 2015 the Series 7 chair celebrates its 60 years anniversary. We mark the occasion by making two special editions of the chair only available in 2015. Inspired by the original colour palette designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1968, we have created two jubilee models in special colours. The two anniversary editions of the Series 7 chair celebrate the diversity of contexts that Arne Jacobsen’s iconic chair has performed in during its first 60 years of life – from MoMA in New York to Centre Bakery in Tokyo. A masculine edition with a dark blue lacquer shell and powder-coated burnished legs. And a feminine edition dressed in pale pink lacquer with 24-ct gold-plated legs.

Maralunga 40 Mercurio Vivo Cassina

Maralunga 40 Mercurio Vivo Cassina
Cassina presents Maralunga Mercurio Vivo, a tribute to the future of this icon which is celebrating its 40th birthday. The limited edition of the sofa in silver fabric could almost be part of the set of ‘Moonraker’ with James Bond. This ‘cosmic’ version is available in 40 pieces (applicable to the two-seater or the large two-seater sofa) and will be numbered progressively from 1/40 to 40/40.

Bolero Poltrona Frau

Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau Bolero Poltrona Frau
Poltrona Frau presented the new Bolero Limited Edition, an elegant table designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, now available also in a numbered limited edition of 41 pieces. Launched during a celebration dinner organised in a lovely venue, the exclusive ancient Roman marble quarry Piastrone - Bacino di Gioia - in the province of Carrara, Bolero Limited Edition was presented to the public in a unique, almost surreal setting. The 41 models, numbered and marked from 00/40, were dots on a splendid white marble landscape. Visitors enjoyed a fantastic, and completely different view of the furnishings. Each one is made with a different marble top, thanks to a special process using abrasive brushes to make random markings in the surface. The tables on display all have singular textures that change depending on the hardness of the marble used. The marble used for the tops is of the "Arabesque" type, a quality of white Carrara marble with grey veins called "arabesques". The tables are large - three meters by one - and shaped like elongated irregular 12-sided polygons, sort of a oval with many facets. The table base, however, is American walnut with a semi-gloss oiled finish applied by hand, and the surface has a special finish called "moonface". This type of finish gives the marble a rugged three-dimensional look that mimics the appearance of an unfinished natural stone. The edge is also unique, different on each side of the table according to a specific symmetrical scheme.

Veliero Cassina

Veliero Cassina Veliero Cassina Veliero Cassina Veliero Cassina
The bookcase consists of two pillars in ashwood with brass tip ends. 4mm (0.15”) stainless steel tie rods. Anchoring elements of the rods are in burnished iron with the central rods in polished brass. The shelves are made of tempered 3+3 mm (0.12”+0.12”) stratified safety glass. Shelf supports in ashwood with polished brass ends. Diagonal reinforcing tie rods for the shelves in polished brass. The base is in steel with the covering panels in ashwood. Unique piece designed by Franco Albini in 1939 for his own house in Milan, it had a highly experimental, a daring challenge to the laws of balance. The name Veliero (Italian for sailboat) alluded to its nautical aspect, and the bookcase has a lightness of touch typical of Albini designs in both its look and physical presence. The reconstruction of this model from the past restores a key design to its place in the annals of design history.
The bookcase with uprights and base in black ash is produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

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