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Feel Good Flexform

Feel Good Flexform

Feel Good Flexform

Feel Good Flexform

A large, versatile collection of products, FEEL GOOD is a sofa, an armchair, a dining chair, a simple chair, a stool and a bed. The particular die-cast aluminium leg and the slender perimeter band in leather, fabric or suede running along the base set the product apart. FEEL GOOD conveys a sense of floating lightness, suggesting timeless classicism in a contemporary form.
Stool available in two versions:
- With seat height cm. 88 cm and backrest cm. 107
- With seat height cm. 80 cm and backrest cm. 99
With legs in aluminium satined, chromed, burnished, glossy black chromed and champagne:
Fabric or leather not removable cover.
在Flexform全系列产品的展示与销售方面,GEROSA DESIGN不仅在区域内(科莫、米兰、瓦雷泽、莱科……),同时在国际上也享有很高的声誉欧洲联盟,瑞士,美利坚合众国,土耳其(安卡拉,伊斯坦布尔),亚洲(台湾,香港,新加坡,日本,中国,韩国,马来西亚,印度尼西亚,泰国,越南),中东(卡塔尔,迪拜和阿拉伯联合酋长国,文莱,巴林)而不仅仅是整个Flexform系列.

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