Memoform Top Sense (H 28) Flou

Degree of rigidity **

All of the values that characterize a quality product can be identified in the new collection Memoform Top Sense. These represent the synthesis of a research direction that aims to reveal new sensations associated with comfort, with the ultimate goal of absolute wellness.

mattress memoform top sense flou

Memoform Top Sense (H 28)

mattress memoform top sense flou

Memoform Top Sense (H 28)


The cover has been treated with Bayscent® Neutralizer, a special technology applied to the external layer to eliminate nasty odors in a selective way, and preserve the properties of the fabric itself (appearance, softness, transpiration).

Available filled with Total Body, wool or cotton, the cover of the Springs Top Sense mattresses can be easily removed for cleaning, thanks to the zip fastener.

To increase the cozy beckoning welcome, there is a removable quilt inside the cover and this can be supplied in anti-allergenic fiber or down.

The 6D sides: this is a system of advanced ventilation that maximizes the transpiration properties of the mattress.
mattress memoform top sense flou - cover and padding


1st-3rd layer: Slow return viscoelastic substance. This consents a better distribution of pressure exerted by the body increasing the microcirculation particularly in the famously critical contact points (the back, the heels and the elbows).
2nd layer: Low pocket springs work in synergy with the viscoelastic substance to facilitate the sleepin person’s movements during the night and improving the efficiency of the dispersion of damp and perspiration, and the microclimate as a result.
mattress memoform top sense flou - ergonomic block

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