Made in Italy design

A leading design company, founded by Giulio Castelli in Milan in 1949, for over 60 years Kartell has been one of the companies symbolising made in Italy design. A success story told through an incredible series of products - furniture, interior design items and lighting - that have become part of the domestic landscape if not actual icons of contemporary design.

The Kartell collection is polyfunctional and transversal, is user-friendly and has indisputable aesthetic appeal. Colour, irony, an appeal to the senses, transparencies and unique forms for unique objects: the Kartell product is immediately recognisable all over the world for the emotions it evokes, its functional durability and its unquestionable quality. The continuing evolution in the use of materials and experimentation with new technologies searching for new properties are fundamental for product development, whether in seeking new functional features or in developing new aesthetic characteristics. It was this continuing research that brought about the introduction of satin finishes, transparency, flexibility, resistance to atmospheric pollutants, softness and touch.

Bourgie Kartell

Bourgie Kartell Bourgie Kartell Bourgie Kartell Bourgie Kartell Bourgie Kartell Bourgie Kartell
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
From its appeal Bourgie lamp is one of the best-selling Kartell. Created in 2004 by Ferruccio Laviani, it is combined with bourgeois forms irony and classic with a contemporary and versatile material such as polycarbonate. It consists of three decorated layers that interconnect, and the base takes with soft rolls Baroque. The hat is of large diameter, characterized by a lattice folds that shields the light source, creating a myriad play of reflections. Moreover, thanks to a special coupling system, is able to lift and place in 3 different heights. Bourgie becomes depending on usage select: become a decorative light table or a desk, or the atmosphere of light to the bedroom or the sculptural object, even if placed on the floor. It is proposed in clear, black, gold and chrome or in her new deluxe interior with white and matt gold exterior.

Battery Kartell

Battery Kartell Battery Kartell Battery Kartell Battery Kartell Battery Kartell
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
Battery is a table lamp without equal thanks to its decidedly chic. A bedside lamp with small dimensions and characterized by a thousand reflections of his hat by the faceted surface.
Another characteristic of the lamp Battery, which makes it unique, is that it does not need wires: its LED source is rechargeable via USB cable and has a range of up to 6 hours, and can still be used even in direct engagement. With better IP 56 it can also be used outdoors. The designer Ferruccio Laviani in its construction was inspired by the Art Deco movement, wearing the lampshade pieces that seems to be carved in a block of crystal.
The switching on / off is via a simple key soft-touch touch on the base: the effect of reflections generating offers charming play of light really impressive. Battery comes in six colors and two transparent refined metallic colors.
It 'a lamp practical and functional that does not renounce its decorative function and suggestive. Light and practical, with its warm and pleasant light can be used to illuminate the table in the dining room, the nightstand in the bedroom or, you can take on the terrace or garden to create a very special atmosphere.

Bloom Kartell

Bloom Kartell Bloom Kartell Bloom Kartell Bloom Kartell Bloom Kartell Bloom Kartell
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
For those with a romantic style it is perfect the new lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani and produced by Kartell. To always have your home decorated with flowers just bloomed, the line of lamps Bloom is completed with the model as a wall hanging and ceiling elliptical. A tubular skeleton polycarbonate, lined by beautiful flowers in transparent polycarbonate bright as precious crystals, create pleasant shade on your walls. Look over your head and instead of seeing a starry sky you will feel like walking into a sea flourished. Traditional pendant lamp turns into an object scenic thousand reflections.

Fl/y Kartell

fl/y Kartell fl/y Kartell fl/y Kartell fl/y Kartell fl/y Kartell
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
The icon of the hanging lamp is FLY, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. A piece of timeless design. Cheerful, colorful, to be installed in full creative freedom. It exists in different colors, transparent or solid. With absolute adaptability, it is the perfect piece to play with the design. Quick change and able to enhance any environment thanks to its extreme simplicity. The special transparency of the material and its luster evoke the idea of a bubble of chewing gum, gummy consistency, changing depending on the lighting. The cover is not perfectly hemispherical but the cut-off is underneath the height of the diameter to collect the light and play with reflections.

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