Passion for design and entrepreneurial courage

Formed in 1978, Luceplan cements the idea of three architects, Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi who wished to consolidate the experience developed during their long-standing collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce. He was an experimenter and acclaimed innovator in the sector of lighting fixtures. These are the noble roots, but the story we wish to relate does not follow a chronological sequence of events in the company’s growth, but rather ‘highlights’ constancies in it's evolution. A history marked by well-defined constant factors from the very start – experimentation, research and quality, by a philosophy focused on creating “beautiful items for the public at large” and by an attitude, a discrete refinement that has never been lost over the years. This is the mark left on lighting fixtures that have not been designed for short-lived wonder, but to be the natural outlet of a continuous, ongoing drive dedicated to the essence of every project, a fastidious care of detail and steady improvement. The result of this consistent experimentation that in turn implies skilled technological research.

Passion for design and entrepreneurial courage, is a Luceplan commitment, both with a considerable investment in production – the new trademark Elementi di Luceplan, a line of technical, architectural and contract lighting fixtures which was formed in 2006 - and in marketing. It has opened new international branches (Copenhagen joins New York, Paris and Berlin) and more self-brand stores.

Hope Luceplan

Hope Luceplan Hope Luceplan Hope Luceplan Hope Luceplan Hope Luceplan
Designer Francisco Gomez e PazPaolo Rizzatto 
Luxurious and scenic as the large crystal chandeliers, contemporary and high tech to the materials used and for the study of complex lighting effects. Suspension Hope, first for Luceplan, interprets the theme with cutting edge technologies of the tradition. The name evokes that of the famous blue diamond of unusual beauty, but the brilliant facets here are obtained using skillfully a series of thin Fresnel lenses in plastic. Without the constraints of space, thickness and weight, these lightweight screens protect from light and at the same time multiply many times, for a sparkling effect and festive. The result is surprising, even when the power is off. Lightweight, dismantled and reduced to minimum size, easy to assemble, Hope is set for each type of light source. Available in three sizes, it is also in version applique.

Compendium Luceplan

Compendium Luceplan Compendium Luceplan Compendium Luceplan Compendium Luceplan Compendium Luceplan
Designer Daniel Rybakken
The Compendium family of lamps, in the floor and suspension versions, stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of their slim silhouette, summing up the distinctive features of the poetic and functional research conducted on the theme of light by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. The slim vertical body of the lamp is grafted onto a truncated conical base and extends with an initial cylindrical-section segment that gives way to a long terminal profile in extruded aluminium with a flanged section in which the LED circuits are positioned, thus making it possible to screen the light emission generated by the high-efficiency sources.
The body freely rotates on the base for an easy orientation of the indirect light. The flanged profile, in the designer’s intentions, evokes that of the «compendium» or lens screen used on large-format reflex cameras to protect the lens from excess light.
Equipped with switch and dimmer on the cable, the lamps of the Compendium family are available in the finishes black, brass and aluminium.

Blow Luceplan

Blow Luceplan Blow Luceplan Blow Luceplan
Designer Giardini, Ferdi.
Blow, the “fan with the light above its blades”, protected for this reason by industrial patent, is a multi-functional light! Thanks to its sophisticated electronics, both the light and the fan can be operated by an infra-red remote control. Thus the fan can be installed while leaving the existing electricity system unaltered, or using ordinary switches that can be inserted in traditional wall plates. Blow also has an operating switch that can be used to reverse the blade rotation so as to regenerate the continuous and one-way air flow. The blades, with their particular profile and transparency, make the light elegant and easy on the eye. The exceptionally quiet motor (only 32 DB), is mounted on ball-bearings inside the opaline polycarbonate bearing case.

Petale Luceplan

Petale Luceplan Petale Luceplan Petale Luceplan
Designer Decq, Odile
A suspension lamp with an organic form which conceals the magic of silence within: the body consists of a soundabsorbent panel upholstered in white fabric, improving acoustic comfort within the environment. Available in two sizes.

Lola Luceplan

Lola Luceplan Lola Luceplan Lola Luceplan Lola Luceplan Lola Luceplan
Designer Meda, Rizzato.
Rightfully known as a “contemporary classic” of Italian design, the Lola lamp has a paradigmatic role as a forerunner of the research conducted on the theme of dematerialization in the world of lighting. The use of ultralight, solid and durable materials, the characteristic forked design of the upper segment.
The lightness of the shape and materials, allows this lamp to be moved freely and handily. The intense and functional halogen light may be adjusted in height by means of the telescopic stem.

Stochastic Luceplan

Stochastic Luceplan Stochastic Luceplan Stochastic Luceplan
Designer Daniel Rybakken
Traditional chandeliers are usually designed with rigid symmetrical repetition of a single piece, such as a crystal prism. Stochastic also repeats the same object, but in an apparently random way, generating a special complexity. The LED source is positioned at the center of the cloud to create a contrast with the very light glass spheres. With the light source concealed, the light itself, reflected and refracted, becomes the true protagonist of the composition. As in the installation Layers (Paris – 2012), the individual objects become a single thing thanks to the complex play of lights at the center.” Daniel Rybakken
A suspension lamp with an evocative character, which thanks to the dematerialization of the support elements and the volumetric breakdown takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement.
Composed of glass spheres at different heights, the lamp permits infinite combinations, in a sort of “controlled freedom”: each sphere is connected to steel rods of different lengths, which are attached to the ceiling in a creative way, giving rise to always different light clusters. Hence the name Stochastic, indicating a random process, in reference to the different possibilities for combining the spheres in unexpected ways, each time leading to a different lamp, a one-of-a-kind creation. A game of imagination whose light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed inside the spheres, generating warm, diffused indirect lighting, aimed both upward and downward.

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