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Here is a list of the products of Maxalto Collection that you can buy in our showrooms in Como and Villa Guardia:

acanto, agathos, amoenus, calliope, clio, crono, dives, febo, imprimatur, intervallum, kalos, lucrezia, lutetia, musa, omnia, simplex, simpliciter, solatium, calipsp, eunice, febo, peplo, alcova,bauci, febo, talamo, erik, alceo, antares, argo, convivio, max, omero, pathos, plato, recipio, xilos, ebe, elios, lithos, loto, pathos, recipio, xilos, amphora,elios, paathos, psiche, recipio, sidus, cratis, istos, suavis, alcor, biblia, convivium, creso, eracle, incipit, mida.

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