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Basket Roda

BASKET, one of the iconic collections of RODA, is a project characterized by the extreme formal simplicity, and composed of elegant modular sofas and tables, which have been created to cross brilliantly the traditional boundary between indoor and outdoor and make elegant and sophisticated every living area.
The sturdy stainless steel structure, coupled with the strict line of backrests and seats, are offset by the absolute comfort of the cushioning.
Besides the classic versions with stainless steel structure in smoke colour with grey belts and milk with sand belts, Roda presents the new and exclusive stainless steel with transparent matt varnish surface finish: the stainless steel is brushed and then varnished with a matt transparent painting which reveals the preciosity and real aspect of the structure, protecting it from the weather conditions.
The new finish is matched with a double color weaving, an elegant mix of sand and grey belts. Like a mosaic.

Canasta 13 B&B Italia

Canasta 13 B&B Italia Canasta 13 B&B Italia
Canasta’13 by patricia urquiola is given a tortora melange makeover with the new polyethylene fibre, creating an interlacing that evokes the designer’s crinoline collection. The sofas, armchairs and small armchairs all feature new fabrics and are accompanied by small tables that harmonise with the new colours.

Aqua Collection Paola Lenti

Aqua Collection Paola Lenti Aqua Collection Paola Lenti

Aqua Collection Paola Lenti Aqua Collection Paola Lenti

Aqua Collection Paola Lenti Aqua Collection Paola Lenti

Aqua Collection Paola Lenti Aqua Collection Paola Lenti
For the exteriors, Paola Lenti offers a complete collection of modular sofas, sun beds, platforms, pouf, armchairs, chairs and tables together with the wide range of High tech rugs, all resistant to water and atmospheric agents. The quality of the materials used make them enduring and easy to maintain; the level of craftsmanship used in production allow for the creation of refined leisure areas for relaxing, not only in the exteriors but also in interior spaces.

Husk Outdoor B&B Italia

Husk Outdoor B&B Italia Husk Outdoor B&B Italia Husk Outdoor B&B Italia
Husk outdoor features a hard shell made of hirek® and a set of soft cushions to express an original design language that is a tribute to softness. The body is white, while the fixed seat support is available in the painted shades of white, black, orange, acid green and sky blue. Cushions come in two versions, with larger sizes on the seat or on the backrest, and are covered by technical fabric that is available in five shades: white, beige, orange, acid green, sky blue. The water-passing padding enables water to seep through the cushions without stagnation. Husk outdoor is the result of extensive work focused on perfecting the item and artfully preserving the original features that makes the item unique. The armchair is enhanced by the small round husk table, which is available in a one size (ø 45 cm, h 48 cm) that underscores lightness and flexible use. Painted a single colour, it is available in five shades (white, black, acid green, orange and sky blue), the same colours as the armchair support.

Harp Roda

The classic string chair finds a new outdoor dimension, where polyester trails its infinite filaments around a tubular stainless steel structure in one continuous outline. Neutrality is ignited by cushions of different colors; lightness is given by air vibrating through the cords.
Harp is a celebration of a craft manufacturing: a never-ending weave of cords that twine the steel frame drawing lines that look continuous to the human eye.
The structure, made in painted stainless steel welded by hand, and the cords, in a double polyester twisted thread with a cotton finishing, is available in Milk/sand, smoke/grey, carob/tobacco.

Frame Collection Alias

Frame Collection Alias Frame Collection Alias Frame Collection Alias
PVC covered polyester mesh and the structure in treated stove enamelled aluminium, make the frame collection suitable for outdoor use. Comfortable and elegant in a private park, functional in a summer setting, highframe, bigframe, frame XL, the armchair armframe and the chaise longue longframe are available with or without armrests.

Mu Dedon

MU is an imaginative and versatile modular furniture system specifically created for contemporary lifestyles. it can be easily adapted to the various spaces and layouts of a home’s living areas, indoor as well as out. Indeed, MU neatly combines the benefits of materials and textiles designed for outdoor usage with the modular logic, more compact size and increased comfort of the finest indoor sofas. All these elements are of different designs, and are available in sizes as varied as the functions they perform. Their slender and compact structures allow you to utilize them exactly as you wish, according to your personal taste and preferences. MU is designed to meet your own personal requirements — in the way you choose and in the style you want. At last, you can create comfortable, well-equipped smaller or larger lounge areas as you wish. MU makes the ideal choice for chill-out, play or conversation areas, and is equally suitable for large social gatherings or more intimate occasions.

Tuuci Collection

Tuuci Collection Tuuci Collection Tuuci Collection Tuuci Collection
Established in 1998, TUUCI’s global manufacturing headquarters in Miami, Florida produces award winning shade designs which are both unique and durable. Designed and manufactured in Miami, TUUCI excels in creating shade experiences that relax your soul and stimulate your senses. All TUUCI shade designs are born from the Marine Industry and exemplify the best of marine-grade materials which are impervious to the most corrosive and wind-swept environments on earth.

SPRINGTIME Collection B&B Italia

SPRINGTIME Collection B&B Italia SPRINGTIME Collection B&B Italia SPRINGTIME Collection B&BItalia SPRINGTIME Collection B&B Italia SPRINGTIME Collection B&B Italia
Springtime, the collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, develops the theme of the “à cabane” seat with deep seating sofas that can be shaded by a light textile or rattan cover to create privacy even en plein air.
The sofas, with their rigorous linear frames, are designed in two seating depths, a chaise longue with either a single seat on castors and adjustable headrest or a double seat placed either in parallel or face to face. In addition there is the option of rectangular and square tables that can be converted into vase holders. The collection comes with other accessories, such as a pouf, small tables and an enameled steel brazier. The collection creates a consistent landscape, whose refinement is based on the use of white varnished aluminium frames, stainless steel holders and waterproof fabrics in three shades (i.e. grey, anthracite and acid green) that match the fleece upholstery of padded parts.

Pier Roda

Pier is the most unpretentious and handsome table that could be chosen for an outdoor. Teak slats, slightly distanced like the keys of a piano, make us imagine an infinite continuous surface. Is seems the simplest example of a flat surface which can find a place between the walls of a metropolitan apartment as among the a beautiful plants of a Mediterranean garden.
Available in three different size, the Pier table could be further on personalized thanks to teak extensions.

Charles outdoor B&B Italia

Charles outdoor B&B Italia
The range of sofas, terminal elements and chaise-longue pieces - made up of 9 elements of various styles and sizes - expands with a small armchair and a reclining cot. The dove brown bands match the fabric covers of the seat cushions. The three sizes of back cushions can mirror the neutral shade of the frame or coordinate with lively, brilliant colours from the new outdoor fabric collection. To improve and guarantee greater protection from weather, b&b italia has treated all fabrics in the collection, as well as those used for the internal part of the cushions, with advanced water-repellent techniques.

Green Collection Alias

Green Collection Alias Green Collection Alias
Strength, functionality and definition of open spaces all characterize the Green collection. Structures in brushed or stove enamelled stainless steel design polyester mesh chairs; the large wheels applied to the sun loungers and trolleys add a strong identity to the ensemble.

Crinoline B&B Italia

Crinoline B&B Italia Crinoline B&B Italia
With the crinoline series patricia urquiola’s study on 3d texture reaches formal, soft and sinuous results that develops into seats, small armchairs and armchairs that vary in shape and height. The black- white and black-bronze dual coloured polyethylene weave matches the natural fibre or bronze string. A well armchair is impressively adorned with a magenta natural fibre poncho thrown over the seat and back.

Panama Dedon

Its special charm is created through the contrasts in its design: the linear form is highlighted and is made even more striking because of the gently curving lines. With its “no frills” form and clear definition of surfaces, the furniture of the PANAMA Collection attractively represents the “New Edge Design”.

Network Roda

Network is Roda’s archetypal collection, the one which marked the firm’s real turning point in terms of design. A product line whose highly distinctive feature is the marked presence of solid teak, a modular system for living and relax situations: Network, that is.
With brilliant providence, Rodolfo Dordoni turns the skeleton of the backrest into a perfect shelf to hold the accessories of rest & relaxation. The structure offers both shape and ornament: clean lines and elegant simplicity work horizontally, in a rhythmical game of full and empty spaces. The Network collection is composed by sofas, stools, coffee table, benches, chairs, loungers and a sunlounger with wheels and teak bar for towels, in the teak structure and grey or tobacco belts.

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