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Naan Cassina

The Naan table expresses a sort of double essence: an extremely delicate appearance but with a decisive solidity to its frame. Piero Lissoni deliberately highlights the austerity of its form. The ultra light rectangular tabletop is only 10 mm thick. It posed a stimulating challenge for Cassina, which drew from its extensive woodworking experience, blending artisan tradition and a modern industrial approach. From living rooms to meeting rooms, Naan adds a discrete yet distinctive personality. Its essence is enriched by smoked oak. Naan is available in two versions: extendable or non-extendable.

Saarinen Knoll International

Classic table by Eero Saarinen. Base in white or black. Top in different marbles or white laminate. In his purist approach to architecture, Saarinen sought the essential idea and reduced it to the most effective structural solution within an overall unity of design. In his pedestal collection, which includes a dining, coffee and side table, Saarinen realized his ideal of formal unity: "Every significant piece of furniture from the past has a holistic structure."

Xilos Maxalto

Elegant design and precious materials make Xilos, a table out of the ordinary . The oak frame can be combined with the marble top. The beauty of the wood base is enhanced by the four color variations: gray oak , light oak , brushed black oak and smoked oak . For a top -contrast effect can be approached the white Calacatta , or choose the tones of dark Emperador marble.
The tables Xilos the Simplice Collection by Maxalto are offered in a square size ( L178 cm ) and three sizes round (Ø 160 , Ø 178 , Ø 220 cm). The finishes are : gray oak, light oak, brushed black oak, smoked oak . For the round version of the plan Xilos is also available in Calacatta white marble or marble Emperador . At the table can be combined with a turntable in two sizes ( 70 cm and 110 cm ) and six finishes (same species or structure with marble or white Calacatta marble Emperador).

Link B&B Italia

Link B&B Italia Link B&B Italia
Link is a unique piece which is moulded, continuous, and without any visibly joined parts. It is easily distinguishable by its ‘soft’ design, sensual shape and material which arouse the desire to gently touch its smooth Surface. Produced in acrylic polyester resin with aluminium natural mineral loads (this material is normally used in the field of Bathroom furniture). It has a unique rectangular shape and white coloration.

Fly Flexform

FLY is a family of dining tables, end tables and cabinets. Light in its image, solid and architectural in its form, the dining table has a metal base with two legs to support tops in wood – also extendable – or marble. The collection of tables features the same single leg that splits into three feet at the base. The rectangular tables can have a base placed off center with respect to the top. The end tables are idea for use with the many sofas in the collection. FLY also includes a set of low TV cabinets, accessorized with cowhide baskets and enhanced by tops in marble or wood.

Nuur Arper

Nuur Arper Nuur Arper Nuur Arper Nuur Arper Nuur Arper Nuur Arper Nuur Arper
Nuur is the archetypal table: a single, spare plane floats above four slender legs. The result is aesthetically pure but flexible. A universal system based on the simple principle of four corner legs, four rails and a top, Nuur adapts to diverse applications and environments. Table tops are available in square or rectangular formats in either colored laminate or wood veneer. The structure is available in polished or painted aluminum.

Less Jean Nouvel Unifor

Less Jean Nouvel Unifor Less Jean Nouvel Unifor Less Jean Nouvel Unifor
Less is in sheet metal, folded and lacquered in various colours. Rigid and robust, it is based on a concept of lightness and extremely slender profiles. It is available in several sizes and heights and can be used as a dining, work, console or coffee table.

Newton Natural Sides Riva 1920

Newton Natural Sides Riva 1920 Newton Natural Sides Riva 1920 Newton Natural Sides Riva 1920
Table featuring a knotty solid wood top characterized by natural outer sides. The tops of tables requested “with knots” are treated with a special black-coloured wax that is heated and once liquefied, it is poured onto the knot. Time is allowed for the wax to cool down at room temperature. Once it solidifies, it thoroughly covers up the wood knot. The table base is made of iron plate, natural colour, oil finish (standard version). Upon request the iron base can be varnished with mat colours (RAL colour card).

Seven B&B Italia

Seven B&B Italia Seven B&B Italia Seven B&B Italia Seven B&B Italia Seven B&B Italia
Characterized by the particular shape of its top, with three different sides, it is able to accommodate seven people or, as its designer likes to say, 6+1.
More similar to a rounded table in conviviality terms, it subtracts itself from the hierarchy imposed by a rectangular table which entails having two heads of the table. 3+2+2 chairs should be placed on each side; its asymmetry re-invents the way to sit at a table by allowing new relationships between meal companions.
The Seven sign makes it so strongly recognizable that it changes the layout of space and modifies its perception. The three branch design of the structure resurfaces from the top, creating a graphic decoration in contrast or chromatically harmonic.
The whole metal structure is varnished in white, black, mustard-yellow, blue, burgundy and orange.
The wooden top comes in light, grey and brown oak or satin-varnished in fourteen different colors.

Doge Simon Cassina

Doge Simon Cassina Doge Simon Cassina Doge Simon Cassina Doge Simon Cassina
In 1968 this was the first piece manufactured by Simon: the first solid piece in the "Ultrarazionale" collection, which came into being with the aim of breaking away from the strict limits of Rationalism, which by now had become nothing more than a mannered phenomeon still rehashing the same tired trends of a movement past its prime both in historical and poetical terms.
The structure, made in drawn metal frame, with an high satined thickness is the most essential part of the table: the refined elegance of the standing mechanism is increased by the transparence of the float glass top. Visible burnished screws and decorative brass inserts.

Riva 1920

Auckland kauri Riva 1920 Sherwood Riva 1920 Alfredo Riva 1920 Rewind Riva 1920 Livingstone Riva 1920
A range of tables of simple and essential design that fits every space. A range of tables, which has been developed, to suite the different customer’s requests. All tables are available with the highest flexibility in every size, with the extension systems, or with drawer.

Metallico Porro

Metallico Porro Metallico Porro
The Metallico table is visually light for its top and legs. They consist in aluminium sheet, 12 mm thick. An essential project exhibiting a delicate aesthetics but materially consistent as well, nearly a sculpture, available in the square and rectangular model. Suitable for sitting rooms and meeting rooms as well, available in two colours, white and black. A detail of the surface finish, velvet-like at the touch and aesthetically precious: it depends on the catalysed painting with a consistent thickness and on the glazed finish.

LC6 Le Corbusier Cassina

Table with mat black, light blue, or bicoloured (black legs, grey cross-bar) enamelled steel base. Base has four supporting points with steel threaded shanks, permitting height adjustement up to 50 mm. Crystal, textured glass, natural or black stained ash top.

Gipsy Flexform

Gipsy Flexform Gipsy Flexform Gipsy Flexform
A collection of large and small tables and a console, with a particular structure in solid wood and square legs fastened to the base with an intriguing geometric stratagem. The rectangular dining table has a top that tapers towards the end, with a wider zone in the middle, improving visual interaction and facilitating conversation. The tops in wood or glass for the dining tables, and in lacquered wood or marble for the end tables, permit varied configurations to adapt to any type of space.

Ray Plus Fiam Italia

Ray Plus Fiam Italia Ray Plus Fiam Italia Ray Plus Fiam Italia
Extendable dining table with float glass top, 15 mm. thick and independent extensions 12 mm. thick, 52 cm. depth per side. Rotating mechanism in aluminium, gloss finishing and stainless steel plates.

Synapsis Porro

Synapsis Porro Synapsis Porro
The Synapsis table looks like a big oval with cut ends. The innovation of this item is represented by the bearing element: a plated steel wire grille that has been emptied and transformed in a web of welded pipes. The base looks very light when coupled with the light top which is available in Pral ®, in all the lacquered shades of the sample collection in mongoi or in “carbone” oak. Synapsis is available in different dimensions, also in the new variation with square base of the chromium-plated or white-painted steel rod structure.


Fractal Porro

Fractal Porro Fractal Porro Fractal Porro Fractal Porro Fractal Porro Fractal Porro Fractal Porro
The contrast of gloss and matt, minimum thickness and rounded edges, which soften the rigorous geometries giving visual continuity, these are the features characterizing the new Fractal sectional table by Piero Lissoni. Conceived as a genuine system for which to choose your preferred combination according to your own taste, this product is highly versatile and is capable of fitting perfectly in the home and in the office. Its essential structure with L-shaped reduced section legs made of black and white lacquered or natural glossy aluminium, can accommodate tops of various materials, from transparent, white or black back-painted glass to “carbone” oak or lacquered wood, for a modifiable, personalizable space, more elegant and inviting. For the working use, Fractal is completed by office equipment such as the vertical courtesy panel, the column for passage of, top access, the wall-mounted drawer unit and the retractable computer tower holder.

Two Tops Secretary Moooi

With the Two Tops Secretary table Marcel Wanders created something very special for the Danish manufacturer Moooi. He discovered space that was always there, yet never seen or used and thus revolutionizes centuries of table construction.
The Two Tops Secretary offers two possible uses in one: as table or dining table and as desk (with integrated office area). By simply unfolding one half of the table top a small work space is created that serves with enough space for e.g. a notebook. Wanders uses this space that has always been there, yet never consciously noticed.
The Two Tops Secretary is available in various color versions.

Helsinki Desalto

Helsinki Desalto Helsinki Desalto Helsinki Desalto
Elegant and discreet small tables, with the addition of specific accessories, they lend themselves perfectly to all manner of various functions. The formal purity of the Helsinki collection is further emphasized in the new white version. Range of small tables with steel frame in arctic grey, chrome, matt black or matt white. Toughened glass (clear, opaque, opaque extra light, glossy black, glossy white) or white laminate tops. Sheet metal accessories arctic grey, matt black or matt white finish.

Scrittarello De Padova

Scrittarello De Padova
Small table or writing desk. Top and lateral trays in plywood veneered beech in white laminate with plywood borders. Base in solid natural beech treated with transparent polyurethane varnish.

Cavour Zanotta

Cavour Zanotta Cavour Zanotta
Writing desk. Plate glass top. Natural or wengé-stained oak frame. Bleached or wengé-stained oak drawers and compartment with brushed glossy lacquered parts in black.

Sidus Maxalto

Plain small service table in three sizes, one of which includes a drawer, and a practical writing desk, in brushed light or black oak, or grey or brown oak, or wenge.
The rectangular top of the writing desk is lined with natural or black leather or alternatively a curved top version. Both feature a cable access cover and a drawer unit placed under the top.

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