Design & Architektur

Wenn Sie ein Architekt sind, können wir Ihre Arbeit erleichtern,
indem wir Sie bei der Machbarkeitsstudie, bei der Planung und bei der Auswahl
von technischen Lösungen unterstützen.
  • Design & Architektur Gerosa Design
  • Design & Architektur Gerosa Design
  • Design & Architektur Gerosa Design

Gerosa Design can provide you with a complete interior or exterior home design project. Its home design project can only focuse on furnishings or lighting, or on a wider project that includes changes to internal or external distribution spaces, suggesting you the better way to maximize a comfortable and amazing use of every room and every place you need to arrange, to make it more beautiful, more cozy and more comfortable to live alone, with your family, with your friends or with your guests.

Gerosa Design can provide you a project capable of responding to your every need, from the simplest to the most complex, suggesting diversified solutions also economically to better assist you in your choices and offering you the opportunity to use a service to create a project tailored to your needs.

The service offered by Gerosa Design makes it possible to transform your idea of ​​home into reality, enriching it with all the experience and competency of Italian culture and design.

Each design project proposed by Gerosa Design to its customers is unique and personal, built on the specific requirements of their expectations.

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Für weitere Informationen und Fragen, wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an uns:
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